The First Step to Master Hair Extension

There exists much professional knowledge and term in each field. As a beginner, you may be confused about different abbreviations. For hair extension, it is also.

The Type of Hair Extension:

As a newer, you may know little about clip-in, tape-in, halo, etc. You may be curious about in hair extension field how many types exist? Which one is the most popular? In the following, this article will introduce these facts.

(1)Clip-in Hair Extension:

As a type of hair extension, the history of hair extension is very long. At the same time, The time also proves that the function, adaptability, the feasibility of the hair extension is good. As the name implies, to connect with your hair, this hair extension uses many clips. The multi-layer layout of the clip makes wearers feel comfortable. Besides, pulling a tight clip will not feel ache. That is to say, whether wearing or unpacking, it is very easy. It also notes to worth that the hair extension itself will not damage your hair.

(2) Halo Hair Extension:

As above mentioned, wearing a clip-in hair extension for a female is not a problem. However, compared with the halo type, the difficulty level of wearing the clip-in type will show up. You may wear a halo hair extension in 30 seconds. Unlike other types, it does not use attachments such as clips, glue, or tape. However, the increase of the level of feasibility is at the expense of flexibility to some extent. To be specific, the halo hair extension only sits over the top. Unlike the clip-in type, it can connect with the real hair at an optional position.

(3) Ponytail Extension:

In Uniwigs, the website divides the hair extension into three types, except for clip-in, halo, the third is the ponytail. The ponytail extension includes in the clip-in type. Compared with another clip-in extension, the number of clips used in the ponytail extension is relatively less. Only using one or two clips to connect your hair, the ponytail hair type can show up. As a hair type, the ponytail is very popular. Many celebrities like the Kardashian family have this hair type.

The Material of Extension:

In Uniwigs, the materials used in extension are human hair and synthetic hair.

(1) Human Hair 

Based on the location, the human hair mainly comes from China, Indian, Europe. In terms of quantity, much human hair used in the extension comes from China. This hair extension can go through many perms or dying. However, to look vivid and realistic, the Remy human hair that comes from Indian is most suitable.

(2) Synthetic Hair

In terms of price, synthetic hair has a relative advantage. Compared with human hair, synthetic hair is cheaper. But, in terms of the level of verisimilitude, it is inferior to human hair. Usually, it consists of plastic or fiber. For synthetic hair, fireproof performance is greatly important. To be “heat-resistant” many manufacturers use different materials such as polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylic, and Kanekalon.


If you have an actual interest in hair extension, you should dive into this field. Only you read many articles about hair extension, can you become a master.