Are You Interested in Whether Hair Extensions Damage Fine Hair?


Myths to dispel

This is the question that all girls ask themselves at least once when they decide to change their look: “extensions are beautiful, but don’t they ruin my hair?”. Opinions are always conflicting and, in the end, nothing is understood. In this article, you will find the only and true answer to your question.

Some hairdressers will tell you “Yes, they will ruin them” others will tell you “Absolutely not”; your friend who put the extensions on before you will tell you that, on the contrary, her hair has become longer and more beautiful thanks to her extensions; while maybe on the internet, or another friend of yours, she will tell you that her hair is ruined.

Halo Synthetic Hair Extensions

Halo Synthetic Hair Extensions

Behind all this confusion, the answer is simpler than you think. The choice of who will install your extensions will be fundamental, since, in addition to recommending the most suitable type for you, a job done correctly will not damage your hair and your skin.

So, let’s answer your question once and for all: hair extensions do not damage your hair, on the contrary, they cover them and protect them from external stresses, such as smog, atmospheric agents, and heat sources. Do not rely on the stories you hear talking about them with friends or reading on the web, but rely on the words of professionals in the sector. For a great result, just follow some simple rules that will allow you to safely wear your favorite hair extensions without damaging your hair!

The secret to avoiding damaging them is only one: rely on a professional for the assembly-disassembly of the hair extensions, remember to treat the hair as if it were your own and you will not have any kind of problem. The cases in which the hair has been damaged by wearing extensions are all about a poorly performed assembly and a little care of them.

7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

What are the basic requirements for mounting extensions?

Hair extensions allow us to transform our hair, add volume, length, and change style. But what are the basic requirements for mounting extensions? In order for the result to be full and lasting, the base length of our hair should be at least 8/10 cm. Then possibly based on your hair type, your trusted hairdresser will evaluate which type of extension to apply and which is best done on your head.

When the length is below the minimum requirements, the risk is that the anchor point for the new strands is not enough, moreover the shorter they will be, the less it will be possible to even out the gap between your natural hair and those of the extensions, showing the points of conjunction between the two.

15g Single Piece Classic Clip-in Human Hair Extension

15g Single Piece Classic Clip-in Human Hair Extension

So, are extensions only for those who already have long hair? The answer is no. On a short hair, it will be possible to make an extension anyway but you must rely only on real professionals: the extensions will be applied to the highest part of the head, where they will remain hidden and no one will notice the little secret behind your change! Otherwise, you can rely on extension clips!

Brittle hair: which extensions to use?

It is very important to recognize and evaluate what type of hair you have before proceeding with the extension lengthening. Some types will be more suitable; for example, in the case of fragile hair tending to break where it will be preferable to apply a double-sided extension, which is the lightest and least invasive type, not having a fixed type of anchor such as keratin. If you have healthy and robust hair and you want a full and lasting effect, maybe you can opt for weaving, if you like to change often instead you can even have fun with different colors and lengths thanks to the invisible clips. So based on the result you want to get, talk to your hairdresser first.

7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Are there cases in which the application of extensions is not recommended?

If you have recently had aggressive treatments such as perms and strong bleaching or coloring if the hair is too weak it would be better to wait a little while, as it may not support the weight of the strands and break. During this time, take care of your hair with adequate nutrition, the use supplements, and hair products without silicones and parabens. Your hair will recover in a short time and you can put on your beloved extensions.

The same is true if you have had severe hair loss or are facing a pregnancy if you are undergoing courses of medical treatment that involve hair loss such as chemotherapy. In all these situations it would be better to wait before mounting extensions. You can instead opt for beautiful natural wigs, no one will notice that they are wigs.

5 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

5 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Do maintenance regularly

The maintenance of the extensions includes both some simple rules to follow at home and a periodic check by the hairdresser.

At home, avoid washing your hair upside down, periodically apply restructuring masks, and use only specific shampoos and conditioners (more moisturizing than other products, to nourish extensions that do not receive sustenance from the scalp like normal hair).

At the hairdresser, it is better to perform periodic maintenance once a month, to “clean” the strands of your hair that normally fall out and that get entangled at the attachment point, creating a tangle. With these precautions, it will be possible to keep the extensions in good condition for up to 6 months.

When it is time to remove them, it is essential to contact professionals who will remove the keratin or adhesive with professional removers. NEVER take them off by yourself at home: you risk tearing off not only the extensions but also your hair.

Choose a good brand of extensions

The best extensions are those in real Remy hair with cuticles. Real hair, in addition to being more aesthetically beautiful, runs less risk of tangling during washing and also prevents your hair from getting damaged or creating knots. The keratin or adhesive used for fixing must also be of good quality. Use in this case the wig websites that have inside them products of the highest quality and created using hair and techniques that do not cause any problems to your original hair.