Crown Hair Toppers for Short Hair

Cut the hair topper length to match your short hair

UniWigs crown hair topper are the extensions designed to give the natural looking volume to the top and crown of our head. It’s not designed to give the volume in the length. So when you have shorter hair than the hair toppers you purchased, you will have two options to make it work on you.

A. Cut the hair topper length to match your short hair.

When you wear the hair topper with your short hair and move, or just go about your own business, you’ll be able to see the short hair ending in between the length of the hair topper. Because the ends of the crown hair topper are not super super thick. This means that there is not a ton of volume on the length, because the volume is on the top and crown of your head.

You could either ask your professional hair dresser to trim it to be the same length with your bio hair. In this way, you will have the enough volume both on the top and also in the ends.

B. Prepare with a Halo-wire extension.

While if you do not want to cut your hair topper and you want the enough length and volume from the top to the end of the length, you could prepare a halo-wire extension. UniWigs Hair Topper plus Hair Extension COMBINATION is the PERFECT solution to adding hair volume and length in an instant. You can enjoy our package price of the assigned packages, or you can set up your own combination to save 15% by using code: TE15.



Feel free to check out the topper+extension combination here:

And here is a video tutorial for how to apply the hair topper+ halo-wire extensions in your head: