How to choose the perfect hair extensions online when stay at home

stay at home

Do you just can stay at home as most of the people in the world because of the COVIDS-19? All though that, life shuold be go on, today we want to talk about how to choose the perfect hair extensions online when stay at home.

“I have very fine and very thin hair. Due to this, it’s almost impossible for me to grow my hair out long and have it look full and beautiful. I bought these to basically thicken my hair out and give a fuller appearance to my hair as it is growing longer, and I am thoroughly impressed! I have never worn clip ins before and after a quick YouTube video to teach me how to put them in, it was very easy. It takes me about 10 minutes to put in. The first time I ever wore them was without hairspray or anything and they stayed in all night long (which is so impressive as my hair is so silky that I can barely keep a Bobby pin in!!!).


If you are looking to add a lot of length you need more than one pack, or maybe a longer set, but if you’re just looking to fill in your hair as I was, one pack works perfectly.”

“I was really surprised at how nice this hair is! It is exactly the color I expected and there is a lot of it! It seems well constructed and it is very easy to hook into your own hair. It is soft, not tangled and looks very much like real hair! I was also impressed with the packaging, the hair was in a hair net inside the package and in a box so that it would not get crushed! I purchased this so that I could see what extensions are like before spending the money on real hair. Very happy with this purchase and I recommend it!”

“Amazing! I’m able to blend these pieces with my natural hair and it gives me fullness and length. I’ve gotten many compliments and although this color doesn’t match my natural hair color perfectly it adds a certain depth and pop of color kinda of like natural highlights. The quality is awesome, I just clip them in with one, two, three easy snaps and I can decorate my hair any way I want. I have no trouble with them coming lose or falling out. I wash with an Organic mild shampoo and air dry. Looks like new everytime. Way better then dying ones natural hair. I cheat by adding hair extensions for highlight color while giving me the bonus of length and thickness too.”



“WOW…these are really fantastic! I’ve necer worn extensions and was concerned they wouldn’t look natural or that I’m not hair-savvy enough to put them in correctly. They arrived today and I first put them in my hair as-is to get used to it. Then I washed my hair, blew it dry and curled each “layer”, including each extension as I went (I watched a YouTube video on how to curl extensions first which really helped). It wasn’t hard at all and they look so natural and match my hair color almost perfectly! I hadn’t told my boyfriend I was getting them and when he came home he was floored and said he didn’t realize my hair was so long (I mostly wear it up). Then we went to dinner and he kept commenting on how much it looks like “my” hair and how natural it looks. I have very fine hair and I managed to keep it all covered easily. One set was plenty as I still had two pieces left that I didn’t use. We’re going away this weekend for a friend’s birthday and I’m gonna rock some long hair!”

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