How to wash a human hair topper?

The hair conditions and growing out hair is one of the most common issues that many women around the world face. Different causes can deliver different conditions and the look of the hair, which all together reflects on the appearance of the hair itself as well as the self-confidence of the person. With the abundance of hair products available on the market, the one particular hair accessory that stands out in this department is the human hair topper.

Many women find themselves in a situation looking for different options, without knowing what is the best option for them. Or for that matter, what the hair accessory really is. The human hair topper is one of the most requested and demanded hair accessories that add to the overall beauty of the hair, and as such, is a convenient solution for all those who need to make a certain change in the look of their hair and the hairstyle itself.

Just like any of their hair accessories, the hair topper does require special care and maintenance so that it can look its best and deliver the best appearance. But, before we move on to the care and the maintenance itself, here is a quick overview of what the human hair topper really is.

What is a hair topper?

A hair topper is a hairpiece, that is also known as a half wig. It sits and fits the top of the head so that it could cover the beginning, the mid, and the advanced stages of hair loss. Also, it can be used to add volume and a more luscious look to the hairstyle itself. The hair topper can be attached to the hair by clips, velcro, or adhesive. They can also be semi-permanently attached to the hair in different ways, by a hair technician at a hair salon.

The hair toppers come in different sizes, ranging from a small thinning part area that can be 2.75 x 5 inch, to the mid-top hair are starting t 5 x 5 inches. The advanced hair top area that can be covered by a hair topper is with the topper ranging 11 x 11 inches.

What is a human hair topper?

The human hair topper is made of 100% human hair. It does not get the nutrition from the scalp, like the natural hair, but on the other hand, it looks silk and soft to the touch, just like the natural hair. It is one of the best choices for all those who want to focus on the top area of their head and hair, and with that, get a better look and hairstyle.

As mentioned above, the proper care and maintenance of the human hair topper can not only make it look better but also last longer. The first and the most important thing is to keep it clean. So, how can you do that? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean and ash your human hair topper, alongside some useful tips that will help the process.

Step 1: The first step is to take all the knots out. Lay the topper down flat and detangle the hair gently, with a bristle brush. Start with the nape and the ends, working your way up.

Step 2: It’s time to clean the topper. Rinse the hair roots to ends with warm water. You can easily do this in a sink, or the shower. Note that the water needs to be clean and running so that it can thoroughly wash away all the shampoo and conditioner leftovers.

Step 3: Now comes the part of detailed washing the human hair topper. Shampoo the hair topper twice, and then apply the conditioner. For this process, it is best to use salon-quality hair products. For example, the shampoo and the conditioner need to be hydrating so that they can treat the hair. Unlike natural hair, which gets the needed hydration from the scalp, this hairpiece needs products that will treat it well.

Step 4: When the human hair topper is all well washed and rinsed, comes the part it should be dried. The best way to do so is to towel dry it gently. Lay it down flat on a towel, gently parting it, so that all the excess water can be soaked in the towel.

Step 5: When the human hair topper is layered flat on the towel, let it sit for a while like that. Don’t brush it immediately. This time will allow the root knots time to dry and also will avoid putting extra pressure on the delicate parts while the hair is still wet. Now comes the time for brushing. Be sure to use a soft bristle brush. These types of brushes are soft and flexible, particularly for these headpieces.

Step 6: Before styling the human hair topper with a hairdryer, be sure to allow it to dry approximately 80-90%. when it comes to hairstyling with a hot tool, use a high-quality heat protectant, that will keep the topper good-looking. For those who want to dry air the hair topper, the best way to do so is to put it on a wig stand. Brush the hair backward, style it as you wish, and then it would be ready to wear.

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