7 steps to daily care-Wigs to Fake the Secret of the Real

There are many girls who love beauty who will choose a few wigs at home, whether it is long hair or other hairstyles, wigs can be used to match clothing and styling anytime, anywhere. Do you really know how to take care of a wig? If the wig is not properly taken care of, not only wears up when the scalp will have irritation, and that false visual sense is really too bad. Teach you to take care of the wig a few tips so that your wig to wear up when the fake, and always bright as new.

Wig preservation

When you are not going to continue to wear a wig, please take down the wig, do not fold, and do not throw aside, but along with the wig hair comb smooth, and then set on some suitable shelves, so that the wig will not be the next time to wear that messy and frizzy.

Cleaning of wigs

Wigs should be treated the same as real hair, and that is to be washed. When washing, do not rub it like washing clothes but do the same as when you wash your own hair, gently. Soak the wig in warm water first, then rub it gently.

Combing of wigs

wigs brush

After cleaning the wig, do not use ordinary plastic combs to comb the wig, to buy the kind of comb specifically to comb the wig for wig combing. If you do not have that kind of comb, then you can use your fingers to comb, so that you can solve the wig always static situation.

About the use of conditioner

Wigs also need conditioner, but less frequently. When using a conditioner, the amount of conditioner should also be reduced. Melt the conditioner in water and soak the wig directly for a few minutes. Then take it out and dry it with a towel and you’re done.

Do not use hairdryer

Many people in a hurry to use the wig, will quickly wash a wig and then blow dry with a hairdryer. The consequences of doing so can only make your wig looks like it is going to fly out of the sky in general, it is difficult to have a sense of soft real hair, and the life of this addition will be very short.

About the number of times to wash the hair

The wig itself does not produce grease, only when wearing some dust staining, so the wig does not wash frequently, generally a month to wash a can. Another according to the number of times you wear, if your wig a couple of months is to take a few times, two months to wash once can.

The water temperature when shampooing

We must use warm water when washing human hair wigs, not too high or too low, the wig is the same, the water temperature is too high will lead to a reduction in the life of the wig, too low if the wash is not clean. Using a water temperature of thirty-something degrees is fine.

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