Clip-in hair extensions that will help you get the perfect look

There is nothing worse than the times when you are trying to grow your hair for a future event, but they just don’t seem to grow. However, using clip-in hair extensions is the best solution in these situations. Clip-in hair extensions are not only easy to put but also make your hair look long and stunning.

Googling things like hair extensions or hair extensions near me would show you a wide range of hair extension products, making it difficult to select and buy the perfect hair extensions for yourself. But, we have made it easier for you by creating a list of 10 clip-in hair extensions that will help you get the perfect look.

1- Audrey 16″ 7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

The Audrey classic clip-in extensions are an amazing product that would surely give your hair a perfect appearance. These hair extensions not only make your hair look longer but also add volume and highlight to your hair, thus enhancing their look.

With its seven fabric stitched pieces, these hair extensions get attached to your hair easy and firm. Made up of Remy human hair, they can be colored, styled, and heated just like normal hair.

2- Journey 20″ 7 Pieces Classic Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Want long and shiny hair in a snap? Then Journey Clip-in Hair Extensions is the best product for you. These excellent clip-in hair extensions have seven fabric-stitched pieces that will give more volume to your hair.
This clip-in extension will highlight your hair color evenly while also making them look shinier. These extensions are straight; however, they can easily be styled and colored in different ways.

3- Annabelle 18″ 140g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Thanks to its silicone wefts, the Annabelle clip-in hair extensions are also termed as ‘invisible’ hair extensions, which means that these clip-on extensions completely blend into the hair and look exactly like natural hair.
The Annabelle hair extensions also increase your hair volume, making them look stunning. These hair extensions clip onto human hair easily and stay fit for a long time; moreover, they can also be colored and styled according to your requirements.

4- Eartha 18 “160G 10 Pieces Classic Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions

The Eartha Classic Clip-in Extensions consists of 10 fabric stitched pieces, thus increasing your hair volume. It also blends in perfectly with your original hair, thus making your hair look long and beautiful. These extensions are also said to add shine to your hair, thus enhancing your look.

Putting these on and off is simple and can be done within a minute or two. Furthermore, these are made up of non-synthetic Remy hair, making them easy to style and color. These hair extensions are recommended for people with medium to thick hair.

5- Isabel 18″ 160g 10 Pieces Classic Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

The Isabel 18 inch clip-on extensions are perfect for anyone that wants to increase their hair root volume and wants their hair to look longer and shinier. These extensions have stitched pieces that help to make your hair look fuller.

Made with 100 percent Remy human hair, these extensions are easily fashioned and colored as per requirements. Furthermore, these extensions are highly recommended for anyone having medium or thick hair.

6- Tania 22″ 260g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions

Measuring 22 inches, the Tania Clip-in Hair Extensions are long and wavy hair extensions that will make your hair look beautiful, long and give them a beautiful wave, thus making you look more stunning. With its five fabric stitched pieces, these hair extensions will provide your hair with volume.

These hair extensions look like real hair by blending in with your natural hair evenly. Made up of synthetic fiber, it can be styled using heat. If you are someone that fancies long wavy hair, then these are definitely the clip-in hair extensions you should spend your money on.

7- Aurora 18″ 220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions

Measuring 18 inches, the Aurora clip-in hair extensions will give your hair a beautiful short wavy look and will surely make you stand out. Built using wide fabric stitched pieces, these hair extensions add a good amount of volume to your hair, thus making them look stunning.

Best for people with naturally wavy hair, these extensions can also work well for people that want a wavy hair look. Built with synthetic fibers, the extensions can be heat styled but not colored.

8- Selena 22″ 5 Pieces Classic Clip-in Synthetic Hollywood Wave Extensions

Being long and wavy, the Selena Clip-in hair extensions is an amazing product for anyone that wants Hollywood waves. Having five fabric stitched pieces, these hair extensions increase the volume of your hair and enhance its beauty.

Having thick waves, these hair extensions make your hair look much better. Made with synthetic fiber, these extensions can be styled using heat but should not be colored.


Hair extensions surely are a lifesaver when it comes to making your hair look longer and more beautiful. Before buying any clip-in hair extension, it is always important to check the characteristics and detail. We hope this article helped you find the clip-in hair extensions that are perfect for you.