Why do I love UniWigs Clip in hair extensions?

Caidy Marie, the owner of CAIDY MARIE BEAUTY which is located in Avenue Utica, MI, 48317, United States.

There are many tags on Caidy: creator of CMB, licensed cosmetologist, upstyle and braiding educator, bridal hair design and makeup artist specialist, modern salon artist connective team member, certified lash extension technician, balayage hair colorist, spray tanning artist, certified hair extension technician.

When UniWigs start to contact Caidy, and asks if she could try UniWigs hair extensions, she’s glad about that. As she has a great passion for trying beauty hair products, creating beauty for others, allowing clients to discover a new found confidence, we are totally believe she’s done all works standing for her clients.

As it took about one month after Caidy received UniWigs Abigale clip in hair extension. At first, we thought she won’t not satisfied with it as it took so long time to test the hair. But it worth waiting, as Caidy did testing the hair seriously, that’s what she wrote:

“I am obsessed with the UniWigs clip in hair extensions line. The hair extension set I used is Abigale, which are a total of 200 grams, 20 inches in length and in shade platinum blond.

Here are the perks:
1.Remy human hair, which means the hair can be colored, have heat applied, and absorb products, without compromising the integrity of the hair extensions
2.Ten fabric stitched panels included, allowing for a customizable applicationto compliment and cater to any hair style, while also providing maximum coverage and fullness.
3.No shedding of the hair.
4.Extension ends are thick in density to provide additional volume.
5.The hair feels soft, strong and thick.
6.Clips attached to the hair extension panels are crafted for longevity, precision hold, and without causing tension on the scalp.
7.Hair is free of frizzy.

If you are ready for your new set of hair extensions without waste of your money. Invest it in UniWigs clip in hair extensions.”

Watch this video about how to use Abigale clip in hair extensions, created by Caidy.