Hair Extension Care You Need to Know! 

It can be a little daunting when you first step into the extension world. So we just want to like hold your hand and take you through it.

It’s important to have a good base or a good set of hair extensions. Because that is going to get you more use. Some things that really good base are multi-tonal shades. One of the reasons for that is that it’s going to match your hair and look a lot more natural. No matter what, but also like your hair. Many girls kind of go like lighter and darker throughout the year with multi-tonal shades. It kind of appeals to the highlights and low lights in the extensions, So you can wear it no matter if your hair is a little darker or a little lighter, and it still blends.

Number two, Many girls love something that’s pre-layered, because their own hair is only this long and that way they don’t have to take it into studios to get it layered.

Third, you want really good quality hair because you want to start with something that’s already in pretty good shape. So that when you’re doing all the wash and care and styling, you have a lot more room to really maintain the extensions over a long time versus. If you start with something that’s a lower quality product.

But that being said, let’s get on to ways that we can care for and extend the life of our hair extensions, so you do want to wash and condition your hair extensions just like you do your normal hair. They are human hair, so what works on your hair will most likely work on extensions. The first thing is how often are you supposed to wash your hair extensions, and it mostly depends on how much product you’re using and how often you’re wearing them. When it is time to wash them, an optional step you can take if you’re feeling like. It is to give them a little oil treatment, you can just put some oil through your hair, let it sit for a few minutes to overnight, and then you’ll be able to wash them when you do go to wash them.

There are two methods of drying hair: natural drying or hairdryer drying. But in reality, brushing your hair with a brush, using a hairdryer and blowing your hair can be very stressful to your hair. The best way is to put your wet hair on a dry towel and wait for it to dry naturally.

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