Change Your Hair Volume in a Few Minutes

Big bouncy hair portrays a woman as a fascinating and attractive personality. If you have wavy hair then you are blessed with thick hair strands and achieving your desired volume must not be a problem. With right haircut and some styling tips wavy hair transform into volumized hair. But people with thin and straight hair complain about the flat crown head. So this article is for you out there who want to get hair volume in few minutes despite having oily hair. Moreover, oily hair catches dirt and bacteria from the environment and makes the scalp habitat of uninvited germs and grime. Oily hair become heavy and give a non-flattering effect. But after reading this article you will find solution of this problem.

We will discuss these methods to create a magical look with volumize hair by using some hair styling products.

Choose Right Shampoo:
Good hair styling starts with clean and crisp hair. So if you have an oily scalp then choose transparent shampoo to cleanse the scalp. if you pick cream-based translucent conditioner and shampoo these products will result in more oily and flat hair. Shampoo with Zinc and Selenium helps to break the oil barrier and clean the scalp. Oil-free hair gives a fresh look and you can enjoy fluffy hair on your hair wash day without using any special method.

Using a Styling Mousse:
Now let’s get into some hair expert styling techniques. Styling mousse help to lift up hair from the scalp and keep the hair off from the base. The mousse gives better results on damp to wet hair. Divide the hair into sections and apply hair mousse on hair roots. Then take a little amount of product in the palm and scrunch the hair to form loose curls. Then you can use a hair diffusor to dry the hair and hold the curls in place. For the final touchup, spray salt spray on hair roots and enjoy a big hair day.

Dry Shampoo:
Dry is a real game-changer for oily hair. It’s impossible to manage a hair wash routine every day. But you cannot afford to look dull with lifeless hair. Use the magic of dry shampoo by sprinkling or spraying the dry shampoo in your hair and it will absorb the oil and dirt and its volume-boosting ingredients will give an instant uplift to hair. This method is quick and effective and takes only a few minutes to transform your look from Nay to Yay!
Now we are going to tell you real beauty hacks for hair that straightway give your flat hair an instant boost within few minutes.

Flip Your Hair Part
This trick works like wonder if you are habitual to part your hair only one side then there are chances that your line of the scalp become widen with time. So changing the pattern of parting will give a natural lift to the hair from the base.

Try Hair Cut with Layers
If you keep your hair secure in a sleek ponytail without any bangs or face-framing layer then you will always appear as an ordinary personality. Try some chic haircuts with layers and so you can style them in various ways. Here I am sharing a viral hack with you. Blow-dry your layers end in an outward direction with a round brush then flip your head down and give some brisk shakes to your head. Vola! You will get unbelievable volume in few seconds. Get a 90’s Hollywood hairstyle at home. A few touches of holding spray will keep your hairstyle in place all day long.

Teasing and Crimping
We all hate backcombing because using a toothbrush for teasing becomes a nightmare to detangle hair. In doing so we obviously damage our hair. But gentle teasing the hair with a paddle brush does not harm the hair shaft and gives the same result as backcombing. Leave the front lines and tease the crown and side hair section then light hair spray the teased hair. In the end, give a neat look with a front hair layer over the teased hair.
Crimping the hair from the base is also a good alternative to backcombing. Crimped hair gives a nice lift to the hair from the roots and you can apply the same method use for teasing the hair. Crimping is better in a way that you don’t need to stand for hours under the shower to detangle the teasing. One method is heat-less and the other method requires a hair styling tool.

How to give volume to hair instantly without damaging your hair and scalps?

According to professional hairstylists, there are two main categories to increase the volume of hair. Either they use hair products like mousse, holding hair spray, dry shampoo, or volumizing shampoo and conditions. But using these chemical-based hair products damage the hair shaft or rigorously affects the hair roots. So be very precise using them. There are different hacks or techniques that you can adopt like using hair extensions in form of halo hair extensions or ponytail extensions without using any special hairstyling tools. Your hair will remain safe from any damage.

Ponytail Hair Extensions

18" Clip in Synthetic Ponytail Extension

You have endless hair styling options with hair extensions. These hair extensions are available in any length or any possible color. You can try clip-in human hair extensions and blend them with your hair to increase the volume or camouflage the short hair into mermaid wavy long hair. Or try halo hair extensions which are more user-friendly because putting on halo hair extensions is a breeze. No glue or tape is required to set the hair. If are in the mood to try some sleek look with a ponytail then you can go for a ponytail hairpiece or ponytail hair extension for fuller and bouncy hair.

Foam Bendable Rollers
Although this method takes few hours but still you can definitely give it a try if you love mesmerizing beach waves. Roll over the slightly damp hair sections on the foam bendable roller and secure the ends by twisting the rollers. Let the hair air dry then remove the rollers from the hair. Either you can style the loose curls form or give a more modern look with beach waves by brushing the hair.
With all the above mentioned information now you have no excuse to live with non-flattering limp hair. But use of hair extension in form of wigs is a life-saving option when you have genetically thin hair but you still want to feel healthy hair.