Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know

Have you been thrilled by the idea of having long hair in a matter of seconds? Can you get the naturally best hair extensions that are totally human hair extensions? If you want to try hair extensions for short hair or you are looking for long hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions for black hair, then this post is for people like you.
Hair extensions have become a new and quicker way to not only uplift and upgrade your hairstyle but also a way to ensure volume to thin, oily, not-so-lustrous hair. About 100 human hair extensions have been known to be sold around the world daily, which marks the significance of hair extensions.
If you want to understand what hair extensions are, how one can try short hair extensions or brown hair extensions, and how one can wear hair extensions for thin hair, then you are in the right place. This post covers various aspects of blending in clip-in human hair extensions and much more.
But before we talk about how to wear hair extensions for thin hair, let’s talk about what hair extensions are and how many types of hair extensions exist.
What is Hair Extension?
Commonly known as hair weaves or hair extensions, it is a synthetic method of hair integration using natural and human hair to enhance your thin hair and add volume to it.
Hair extensions are intended for adding wholeness and expanse to your existing and natural hair. These wigs can be attached to your head to make it appear as part of your hair. Hair extensions come in many forms.
Types of Hair Extensions
Hair extensions exist in numerous sizes, volumes, lengths, shades, and types. Some of the hair extensions are:
●Clip-in hair extensions
●Natural hair extensions
●Synthetic hair extensions
●Tape-in hair extensions
●Pre-bond hair extensions
You may find more than the ones mentioned above. Blonde clip-in hair extensions, black clip-in hair extensions, and brown clip-in extensions are amongst the most popular hair extensions worldwide.
That was all about hair extensions and their expected types. Let’s now talk about how one can wear hair extensions for thin hair in 5 ways.
5 Steps to Wear Hair Extensions for Thin Hair
It may seem easy, but it is likely to trick you into a mess. Wearing hair extensions for thin hair all by yourself may be easy to do, but if you don’t know the requisites, then you are likely to get strangled around with the wig.
Here are 5 steps to do your hair extensions without strangling through them. Read further to understand and learn how to wear hair extensions for thin hair step-by-step.
#1 Choose the Right Hair Extension
First things first, choose the right hair extension for your hair. Whether you are a brunette, blond, redhead, or someone with hues of brown and black, it is inevitably essential to choose the hair extension for your hair that aligns with your natural hair color.
To blend well with your natural hair, you must pick a hair extension that somewhat matches the color of your hair, if not the same. If your hair shade is blonde, then a blonde hair extension would be perfect for giving your hair a much more natural touch.
#2 Get Your Hair Ready for Adhesion
Preparing your hair for adhering to it must be error-free to ensure that the weft doesn’t fall loose. Here you will need a hair spray, a clamp, and a comb to assist you in this vital task. So, how are you going to do it?
Hold up an amount of your hair in a way that your hair roots are visible. Make sure that it is at the backend of your scalp and not the crown front. Clamp your hair so that your hair roots are exposed, where you will stick your clip-in extension or any extension of your choice.
Spray the region using a hair spray. You may comb the left-out natural hair before you spray to have it appropriately brushed.
#3 Begin with Larger Wefts
For individuals with thin hair, it is essential to stick hair extensions with 3-4 clip wefts first to add fullness to the hair, especially at the backend of the scalp. To make your hair look fuller and voluminous, always use the large weft first.

Now gently stick the weft with 3 or 4 clips on the region where you sprayed. Press slightly to ensure that the weft has stuck on to the roots. If you want more volume, then add another weft of 4 clips right above the first one.
#4 End with the Smaller Wefts
Now comes the part that involves concealing. For this, you will need wefts with two clips. Here you have to ensure that, first, you use only as many as wefts as required. Hair extensions for thin hair include 11 to 12 wefts, and you don’t need them all for sure.
Secondly, make sure that the weight of the wefts is equally distributed to avoid having unequal sides. The smaller wefts will be placed in the same manner on the sides of your head.
#5 Style It Along with Your Natural Hair
Avoid brushing or styling them separately. Once they have stuck to your scalp, they appear as part of your hair, and so you should feel them be a part of your hair too.
Style them all together so that the synthetic hair extensions are well blended with your natural hair. Your hair extension has been done, and you are ready to rock any hairstyle now.
The Bottom Line!
The new era is all about picking stunning hairstyles, whether short or long, regardless of the natural hair length. You can try long hair extensions on you without needing to wait for years to grow your hair. Or, you can do a short hairstyle if you want without having to cut your hair. How? The answer is hair extension.

Now, you can try natural clip-in human hair extensions, picking new hairstyles every day to make everyone around you fall in love with your varying hairstyles daily. Clip-in natural hair extensions, brown hair extensions, black hair extensions, and several human hair extensions allow you to be a new you every day.
Don’t wait too long to have hair of your choice. Enjoy new hairstyles every day with the help of clip-in, tape-in, or natural hair extensions to make your thin, not-so-alluring hair appear simply gorgeous. If you are short on ideas, then check out these unique natural hair extensions available on our store.