How to remove Tape in Hair Extension

If you did your tape in hair extensions at Salon, you can go to the salon to remove it as most of salons will offer the service for free.

For some clients, they will purchase a few pieces of tape in hair extensions and apply it by themselves, then they will have a problem for removing them.

So here we will show some basic tips on how to get it off our hair.

The tools:

The first thing you are going to have is using 91% alcohol. That percentage of alcohol will help to break the bonds of the glue used to hold your tape in hair extensions.

Just to make sure that you get is 91% instead of 70% or other percentage alcohol. Some clients made that mistakes and it didn’t effective.

For the alcohol, you can purchase a spray bottle in a small size, that would be easier to spray on your hair. But you can always get it bottle and transfer it into a travel size spray bottle if you like.

2.Hair oil or serum

The next tool you want to prepare is a hair oil or serum. It’s for cleaing the residue of the glue on your hair.

3.Rat tail combRat tail comb4.ClipClipSo first, you’re going to want to find and section out your first extension, and clip your other hair. hair extensionsTake your alcohol and spray it all along where the tape is, you want to make sure that it’s pretty wet, so the alcohol can get in and break the bonds of the glue.  remove Tape in Hair ExtensionYour tape is going to start coming apart and you should be able to unstick the two ups of hair.remove Tape of extensions

If they don’t come apart easily they’ll grieve what the suction, then try it again stick the two pieces back together, once are out and set them over to the side.

Next, continue to section of the hair. Don’t be alarmed if you lose some hairs while you’re doing this process. It’s not breakage you’re damaged, it’s just simply the hair what we naturally shed during the past weeks you’ve had your extensions in.

Instead of being able to shut and fall on the floor, come out on your brush or in the shower they were trapped in the tape of the extension and now they’re able to come free. Now you’ll want to use your hair oil or serum on the section where the tape was to help it the leftover residue.

First, make sure that the bottle is open.

If you are having issues getting your tapes apart, use the end of the comb to help get in there without pulling it too much. But again, if you feel like it’s giving too much resistance, then just spray a little bit more alcohol on the glue. It should not hurt or be difficult to get these out.

Once you’re done, take everything down, shake it all out, run your hands through it your extension free and make sure that you didn’t forget any pieces of tape in hair extensions on your head.