How To Add Breathtaking Highlights To Your Hair Using Human Hair Extensions



How To Add Breathtaking Highlights To Your Hair Using Human Hair Extensions:

Do you wanna change up your look and add highlights to your hair but don’t wanna dye them or risk damaging them?

You’re at the right place, here at Uniwigs we bring you top-quality hair extensions perfect for ramping up your hair game…

Uniwigs synthetic or human hair extensions are the perfect solutions for anyone wanting to add temporary highlights to their hair without actually dying them…

We will show you a complete step-by-step tutorial on how you can use our hair extensions for adding highlights to your hair easily and effectively.

Instruments you’ll need:

You need to have the right tools that will aid you in your journey for getting the highlights your heart so desires before even thinking about highlighting your hair…

You should have the following:

1.Uniwigs clip-in hair extensions
2.A tail comb
3.A hairbrush
4.Sectioning clips
5.A curling wand (if you wanna go for a curly hair look)

When you’re choosing a clip-in hair extension for adding highlights keep in mind that the hair extensions should be one or two shades lighter than your current natural color…

If you’re going for a look with more distinction and contrast you can also choose lighter hair extensions.

How to add gorgeous highlights to your hair using hair extensions easily and effectively:

Assuming that you have all the tools you’ll need, it’s time to get to the fun part.
Adding those hair extensions to your hair to create gorgeous highlights.

The Back Section

wigs-hair wrap-bun-human-hair-extensions

Step #1: Initiate partition

Now for the first step, you’re gonna grab the top section of your hair (gently please) and separate it from the back of your hair in line with the top of your ear using a tail comb.

Make sure that the hair is neatly parted with no hair going out of place, remember we want it as clean and precise as possible.

Step #2: Clip that hair

After you’re done separating your hair it’s time to put those hair clippers to good use.

Take the top section of your hair which is now parted from the back and clip it to the top part of your hair using hair clippers.

Make sure that the hair is properly clipped in so that they don’t interfere with your hair extensions when you clip them in.

Step #3: Add those extensions

Now that you have a clear partition where you’re gonna add your hair extensions, you can bring in your Uniwigs clip-in hair extensions.

Take your clip-in hair extensions and carefully attach them to the roots of the back section of your hair near the partition.

And there you have it you’ve successfully attached your clip-in hair extensions.

Step #4: Let your hair down

After attaching your clip-in hair extensions take half an inch of hair from the top portion of your hair and let them fall over your hair extensions.

This will create natural-looking highlights that compliment your beauty splendidly.

Step #5: Brush

Simply take your hairbrush and gently brush your natural hair along with your hair extensions. This will get rid of any tangles in your hair and help your hair extensions to blend in with your natural hair.

Step #6: Repeat

Repeat the procedure from step 3 at the new partition created after you let down half an inch of your hair. Complete these steps 4 or 5 times to achieve a beautiful highlighted look.

The Sides


We’re done with the back part of your hair, now is the time for the sides.

Use the following steps to highlight the sides of your hair.

Step #1: Partition time again

What you’re gonna do is section your hair horizontally from the side at the height of your forehead using a tail brush…

You must keep the partition as clear as possible to make sure that when you attach your clip-in hair extensions, your natural hair won’t come in your way and so that you can attach your clip-in hair extensions with ease.

Step #2: Clip and Clip

It’s time to use your secret weapon AKA sectioning clip again.

Clip your hair away from the partition and hold it in place with sectioning clips.

Make sure to clip your hair in place firmly to avoid loose hair messing with you while you’re adding your Uniwigs hair extensions. (it can get annoying if they get in your way… trust me)

Step #3: Time to add those extensions

Now take your all-new, gorgeous, and high-quality Uniwigs hair extensions and clip them to the roots of your hair at the lower section of the partition. Keep them as close to the partition as possible.

Clip-in your hair extensions properly and firmly so that they don’t fall out during your day.

Step #4: Down they go

Now remove the sectioning clips from your hair and let them fall over your newly clipped hair extensions.

Use your trusty hairbrush and brush your hair thoroughly with it to remove any tangles in your hair and to create natural-looking highlights.

Step #5: Repeat

Go through all the above steps again on the other side of your hair to achieve a similar highlighted look. You have to follow these steps once on both sides unlike the back part of your hair.

And there you have it, by following the above steps you’ve achieved breathtaking temporary highlights using your Uniwigs hair extensions. You’re all set to go out there and make your presence known everywhere you go with your new highlights.

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Were these steps helpful? Were you able to achieve the look you desired? Which compliments did you get for your new highlights?

fill the comments with your experience, thoughts, and answers…