Things you need to know about hair toppers in summer

Wearing a hair topper could be one of the happiest things in the world for some women. But it’s getting hard to stay with a hair topper as the summer comes now. The days are longer and it’s getting hotter. Women wearing hair toppers will have to think about what they need to do with the hairpieces. In this blog, we are going to explore some tips and tricks about how to protect your hair toppers in summer with an analysis of the frequently asked questions about women’s hair toppers in hot weather.

Can I swim or shower with a topper on?

To simply answer this question, yes, you can swim while wearing a helper’s hair. But the other thing that comes along with it is that you would not like the piece you wore for swimming as much as you used to. Here is why.

  • both chlorine and sea salt can cause your topper to become dry and frizzy, which then leads to a topper that will be easier to get tangled than ever.
  • salt in the water will absorb moisture from the topper hair. If you leave your topper in salt water for too long, the hair will lose moisture and become brittle, and the topper base will weaken.

So wearing your favorite hair topper is definitely not recommended. Instead, we suggest you go with a cheaper synthetic hair topper or one you don’t like much so that you can still keep those you loved for a longer term.

What if I really want to swim with my favorite topper on?

We said it would not bring good if you wear your favorite hair piece to swim. But if that is the only one you take out on vacation and you want to go swimming with it, there is still one thing you can do to minimize the damage that might be caused: wearing your swim cap too.

Even if your topper is very firmly attached to your head, the force of diving or jumping could take it off, leaving you with no hair.

Your topper will stay put and nothing will fall off while you’re having fun if you wear a swim cap on top of it. But be extremely cautious when removing the base to prevent pulling off your topper along with it.

How can I protect a human hair topper on vacation?

As summer’s coming up, it’s necessary that many ladies are planning to have a summer vacation with their beautiful hair toppers. There must be so much fun. However, when you are touring all around and having fun, you want to learn some tips on how to protect your luxurious human hair toppers.

  • Stay away from exposure in the sunlight

You will see strong sunlight and feel intense heat everywhere in summer. Some people do love to have a sunbath on the beach. Feel the beautiful nature and get the skin look they like. If you are doing it too, remember to wear a hat or cap on your topper or just simply do not wear your topper there. The light and summer wind will dry our own hair so quickly and fade the hair color, especially the hair on a topper.

  • Clean and moisten your hair topper more often

Summer sunlight can dry out your hair topper so easily. While if you could clean your human hair toppers more often and keep or recover their moisture as before, that will mitigate the damage to a great extent.

  • Avoid swimming with a human hair topper

One thing that most people won’t decline in the summer is swimming. But I’ll need you say no if you are wearing one of your luxurious human hairpieces. Or at least say yes after you change it into a synthetic one. If you don’t want to spend your vacation time on repair your hair piece, please do not let it in the salt water. Synthetic ones are much cheaper. If you really need to wear a hair topper swimming, at least this will reduce the cost.

How to wash human hair toppers in summer?

What if you have already exposed your toppers to chlorine, salt, or questionable lake water before seeing this blog? At least here are some tips on how to take care of them afterward.

The topper’s lifespan will get longer with your good care and protection. You would like to wash your toppers as soon as you possible. You would like to be the winner of your race against that salt water. Wash them out of your hairpiece before they even start to cause any damage on it. Check here for more information on how to wash your hair topper.

After your hair toppers are washed, soak it in leave-in conditioner. Let your lovely helper hair take a bath after long term working. This will benefit them a lot for leave-in conditioning sprays create a protective barrier on the hair and prevent your toppers from being lack of moisture and absorbed nutrient.